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Marine Cargo Insurance

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Goods in transit insurance protects you from the costs of any marine cargo that you carry as part of your business activities being lost, stolen or damaged.

If you run a business that transports your own goods or materials, we can help you pick the right level of cover to ensure that should the worst happen to them, the cost of replacement can be covered.

Likewise, if you run a courier or haulage business, carrying goods on behalf of your customers, it’s likely that your customers will require that you have insurance, and is likely to be a contractual obligation. As a specialist broker, we will take the time to understand what you actually need before making any recommendations.

Lloyd & Co Insurance Services can offer cover for both international and UK trade, and a policy might include:

  • Damage to goods
  • Loss of goods
  • Theft/pilferage
  • Conversion, shortage or non-delivery
  • Based on the universally approved Institute Cargo Clauses

If your business faces a variety of different and complex risks an ‘all risks’ policy could provide the best cover for you.